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Life in Balance

  We all long to feel cared for and connected with others,    
 feel confident about our work and our place in this world,            
  enjoy our creative and challenging endeavors.

However, despite our best intentions, we often find ourselves displaying poor judgment
and actively harming ourselves or others with our decisions, words or actions.

     Why is this?

At times we may feel depressed, hurt, anxious or emotionally uncomfortable     
  and find that we end up protecting ourselves from these feelings     
with a variety of different behaviors which may include:                 
getting angry, criticizing, withdrawing, binge eating, shopping, gambling,
drinking, abusing drugs, feeling depressed, suicidal or just plain procrastinating,
when all we really want is to be healthy and feel good about ourselves.


  Remove those obstacles within, that are preventing you from being all you want to be.

I invite you on this journey of self awareness and emotional healing.
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Please Note:
Inga offers individual sessions only via Skype/internet/Facetime
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